Written in Stone (Paperback)

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  • 58 page paperback
  • written by Larry Morrow

It all started 25 years ago when Russ Masetta was adventurous and trusted his instincts through difficult times which have now faded from his memory. He filtered most of them out and stuck with what mattered most. He built Nature Stone during the dynamic shifting economy of the early 90’s and through it all the roulette wheel has spun his way.

And all through his dazzling ups and agonizing downs, he would re-write the book about a part of a failing flooring industry and create an extraordinary enterprise that would become a powerhouse and the driving force of a new kind of flooring engineering that would ultimately bear his name.

He is a man with a dream and one of life’s critical ambitions; to love and cherish his family and take care of every one of them. Now, over two decades later, he has put Nature Stone on a mantle of silver. His son, Michael, and his daughter, Serena, will be expected to pick up the mantle and, over the next 25 years, paint it gold.

This short book represents the product of his journey. Enjoy.